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How to Cut Beard Styles-lolos

Some men look sexy with their clean-shaven face and some others with their stubble look, but there are gentlemen who prefer to enhance their manliness by keeping their lush and dense beard and moustache. Having perfectly groomed beard also means they don’t have to get through the hassle of clean shaving their facial hair every morning. If you are of the beard lover category, grooming and styling your facial hair will be your most favorite routine. If you are curious about which beard style is suitable for you, here you will learn about how to cut beard styles and to make its look suitable for your face shape and overall appearance. There are actually only two things that you have to mind: you need to know about various face shapes and the best beard styles for each and tools that you can use to style your beard.
How to Design Your Beard According to Your Face Shape
The most important factor to mind if you want to choose the right beard style is the shape of your face. A particular beard style may look excellent on a face with particular shape, but it may look terrible on another. To understand which style is the best for your face, here we show you various face shapes and their corresponding beard styles.

1. Square Face
Square Face
With square face, you want to give more emphasis to your broad forehead and square jawline, which give you the manly look, while obscuring severe angles on your face. To achieve this goal, you can try a number of beard styles that work for you, including trimmed scruffy beard, moustache works, and goatee. When working on your beard, you can either accentuate or obscure the hard lines of your jaw to either enhance or soften them. Celebrities with square face, such as Brad Pitt and David Beckham, can be your best reference.

2. Round Face
Round Face
Round face is equal in length and width and lacks the typical masculinity’s angles. Choosing the right beard style will help obscure the extra broad cheek, slim down the face and create more oval look, and create some angles on the face. You can try to do angled shave along your cheekbones and to keep lush hair on your chin to make your round face look slimmer and a little bit more angular. Try what Kanye West does to his facial hair and you should look okay with your round face.

3. Oval Face
Oval Face
Many believe that oval is the best shape for men’s face. Oval face is characterized with face’s length that is about one and half times its width. Almost all beard styles will look perfect on an oval shape. Just think about Jude Law and George Clooney with their facial hair and you should know what I mean with perfect shape. If you have an oval face but you want to shorten it a little bit, you can try to keep sufficiently trimmed moustache and beard. Other styles, including goatee, lush moustache and full beard, will also create an angular look that makes your face appear more angled and masculine.

4. Triangle Face
Triangle Face
You have a triangle or pear shaped face if the widest area of your face is located on your chin. Examples among celebrities include Keith Urban and Dane Cook. With the right beard treatment, you can appear great with your triangular face. To prevent your chin from dominating your facial appearance, you can keep full beard to slim it down. This way, there will be a perfect balance between your chin and your narrow forehead.

5. Diamond-shaped Face
Diamond Face
If your face is widest at the cheekbones, you have diamond-shaped face. You can maintain a gorgeous look like actor Johnny Depp if you treat your beard properly. You can either keep full beard to make your face appear more square or goatee to obscure your prominent chin.

6. Oblong Face
Oblong Face
Oblong and rectangular face is almost similar to oval face, except that it is narrower and longer. Ben Affleck and Russel Crowe are the best examples of celebrities with this face. The best styles for oblong face is the ones that make it look shorter and more square. Short moustache and trimmed beard are your best choices to reach that goal.

7. Heart-shaped Face
Heart Shave Face
If you have broad forehead and cheekbones with narrow chin, your face is heart-shaped. To make your face appear more balanced, you can try Ryan Gosling’s trick. Keep full or scruffy beard to give your chin more volume so that it can go together with your broad cheekbones and forehead.

Choosing the Right Tools to Design Your Beard

You will not know fully how to cut beard styles if you are not familiar with beard groomers’ tools of the trade. We can show you a large selection of razors, electric shaver and trimmers that you can use to work on your beard, but you have to make sure that you choose the right tools to achieve your goal. There are generally three tools that you can use to groom your facial hair.

1. Trimmer
You need trimmer to maintain the length of your beard and moustache at particular level. If you want to have scruffy beard or stubble look, trimmer is your best tool. Trimmer can also be used to style some portion of your sideburns, moustache and beard.

2. Scissors
If you keep longer facial hair, scissors are the most hassle-free tool to trim and style your hair. Keep your full beard perfectly groomed with scissors.

3. Razor
Razor is the best tool for detailing, styling precision, and clean shaving certain area on your face. There are three types of razor that you can use: the traditional straight razor or barber’s razor, safety razor, and electric or cartridge razor. Safety razor and cartridge razor are the easiest to use, but if you want to be like a professional barber, practice using safety razor as it is often considered the best razor to achieve the best shave. With the right style and the right tool, you should know by now the best way of how to cut beard styles.


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